Best Watches For Nurses 2023

Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession. They are responsible for caring for patients, monitoring their conditions, and providing support both physically and emotionally. Nurses need to be able to stay on their feet all day, keep a cool head in a crisis, and have quick reflexes. For all these reasons and more, nurses need watches that can keep them on track, while they save lives.

This is where the best watches for nurses come in. These impressive timepieces are specifically designed to help nurses keep track of their work, remain alert during emergencies, and manage their time efficiently. They help nurses stay on top of orders, manage medications, and keep an eye on the time.

Best Watches For Nurses 2023 Comparison Table 

PhotoName Check PriceColor Display type Water-resistant?Features 
Dakota women’s nurse watch
Check Price
White Analog Yes •Petite
•Plastic band
•Round shape

SUUNTO D4i Novo Diving Watch
Check Price
Lime Digital n/a •Wireless tank pressure reading
Speidel scrub watch
Check Price
White n/a Yes •Easy to read
•Quartz movement
•Leather band
•Round shaped
Vitronix Maverick Watch
Check Price
BlueAnalog Yes •Petite
•Rubber band

Timex women’s TW5M35100 watch
Check Price
Blue Digital Yes •Plastic band
•Customizable alarm
•Light up display
SINGCALL nurse watch
Check Price
n/a Digital n/a •Rechargeable battery
•OLED screen
Spediel scrub watch
Check Price
Pink Analog Yes •Easy to read
•Silicone band material
•Round shaped
•Japanese quartz
Spediel womens scrub watch
Check Price
Black Analog Yes •Easy to read
•Silicone band
•Japanese quartz
Spediel scrub 30 watch
Check Price
Black Analog Yes •Silicone band
•Japanese quartz
•Easy to read
Casio women’s LRW200H-7BVCF watch
Check Price
White Analog Yes •Plastic band
•Japanese quartz
TICCI Unisex medical watch
Check Price
Black Analog Yes •Silicon band
•Easy to read fonts
•Japanese quartz
Dakota nurse watch
Check Price
Pink Analog Yes •Silicone band,Easy to clean
•Round shaped
•Japanese quartz
Timex Unisex TCW02700 watch
Check Price
Black Analog Yes •Nylon fabric strap
•Indigo light up display
•Round shaped

1) Dakota Women’s Petite Plastic Nurse WatchBest Watches For Nurses

Check Price

The Dakota Nurse Watch is reliable and convenient. Never sacrifice hygiene with its plastic casing and easy-to-clean band. A busy medical practitioner needs a reliable wristwatch, and this watch meets all your needs.

Excellent Readability Design

The watch has a large, easy-to-read analogue display, making shift timekeeping easier. Its many pulse ring quadrants are visible from every aspect, keeping you informed even in frenetic conditions.

Unmatched Durability

Medical work is unexpected, but the Dakota Nurse Watch is prepared. With water resistance up to 100 feet, this watch can handle your regular routine. Accidental splashes or exposure won’t affect its performance due to its water resistance.

Reliability Back by Japanese Quartz

Precision is needed in the fast-paced medical environment. The Dakota Nurse Watch has Japanese quartz mechanism for reliable timekeeping. This watch will help you stay on time and provide the greatest patient care.

Improve Your Professional Image

The Dakota Nurse Watch offers flair to medical wear in addition to functionality. Its elegant style and utility make it a versatile accent for scrubs and professional wear.


The Dakota Nurse Watch is a favourite choice for nurses and medical workers looking for a fashionable and functional timepiece. Its lightweight design, easy-to-read display, and durability set it apart from competitors. This water-resistant watch with Japanese quartz movement keeps you on time and ready for any medical emergency. Upgrade your medical gear with the Dakota Nurse Watch, the perfect companion for your busy job.

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Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Dakota
Model number 53100
Part Number 53100
Item Shape Round
Dial window material type Plastic
Display Type Analog
Clasp Buckle
Case material Plastic

2) D4i Novo by Suunto

Best Watches For Nurses

Check Price

just consider the D4i Novo. This advanced dive computer is lightweight and packed with all the important capabilities for a smooth and pleasurable underwater experience. Let’s examine what makes the D4i Novo superior to other dive computers.

The D4i Novo Dive Computer: A Reliable Companion for Underwater Adventures

Trust is essential for underwater experiences. The D4i Novo is a solid diving partner. Precision craftsmanship provides precise readings, keeping you informed and secure during your dive. D4i Novo on your wrist lets you confidently explore the depths.

Lightweight, comfortable design

Diving shouldn’t be awkward with a bulky computer. The D4i Novo’s lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods. You can focus on your diving experience while the comfy strap wraps around your wrist without irritating it.

A Chic Dive Computer

Style should never be sacrificed for functionality. The D4i Novo’s sleek, modern style enhances your underwater and day look. This dive computer easily switches between underwater and terrestrial environments.

Unmatched Precision and Performance

Wireless Tank Pressure Reading

Wireless tank pressure reading distinguishes the D4i Novo. This helpful addition lets you easily monitor tank pressure to see how much air is left. D4i Novo keeps you updated so you don’t run out of air or get surprised.

Great Battery Life
Underwater experiences can be distracted by diving computer battery life concerns. With the D4i Novo, this worry is gone. Its long battery life lets you explore the depths uninterrupted. Enjoy your dive time knowing your dive computer won’t fail.

Finally, pick the D4i Novo Dive Computer.

In conclusion, the D4i Novo is the best dive computer for style, reliability, and performance. Precision craftsmanship and wireless tank pressure reading offer a great diving experience, while its lightweight and comfortable design make it ideal for daily wear. Dive into underwater experiences with confidence and style with the D4i Novo.

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3) Speidel Medical Scrub Watch

Best Watches For Nurses

Check Price

stop looking! With you in mind, this excellent wristwatch seamlessly blends usefulness and fashion. This post will explain why healthcare professionals need this watch and its unique characteristics.

1. Quick Readability with Precision Markers

Medical readings must be fast and accurate. The twelve and twenty-four-hour indicators on this watch make it easy to tell time in any configuration. The bright red secondhand ensures accurate pulse readings, letting you monitor your patient’s health.

2. Style and Comfort with Genuine White Leather Band

Comfort is needed when wearing a watch for lengthy shifts. The genuine white leather band is elegant and comfortable on your wrist. This watch is comfortable to wear all day, eliminating skin irritations.

3. Water-resistant for versatility

Medical professionals never know where their duties will take them. From hospitals to outdoor emergencies, your watch should be ready. For varied sports and environments, this watch is water-resistant up to 30 metres (99 feet). This watch can handle your busy lifestyle rain or shine.

4. Colourful Spectrum

Personalization makes a fantastic accessory, and this watch knows that. Choose a colour that matches your style and preferences from several selections. If you like traditional or flamboyant colours, there’s a shade for you.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed

Speidel prioritises customer pleasure. Don’t worry if you’re not satisfied with your purchase! For ultimate piece of mind, the brand guarantees a 100% refund or replacement.

Finally, this watch is the best for medical professionals who want accuracy, comfort, and style. It stands out from other clocks with its simple readability, accuracy markers, genuine leather band, water resistance, colour options, and customer satisfaction guarantee. Enhance your professional appearance and performance with this exceptional watch and see how it improves your daily practise. Don’t miss out on the appropriate item to match your experience and personality!

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Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Speidel
Model number 60340005
Part Number 60340005
Item Shape Round
Display Type Analog
Case diameter 38 millimeters
Case Thickness 8.6
Band Material Leather
Band width 18 millimeters
Band Color White

4) Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick

Best Watches For Nurses

Check price

The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick showcases Swiss watchmaking. Every part is meticulously made. The brand’s 19th-century skill guarantees a top-notch clock.

Unmatched durability and assurance

This timepiece is unmatched in durability with a lifetime warranty on material and construction. You can wear it with confidence knowing its quality will last. Not like other watches, it’s ready to wear immediately out of the box without assembly.

A Classic Gift

The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick is a classic present or treat. Its elegance and grace make it a beloved accessory for any occasion.

The Style Maverick

The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick is a stylish maverick with its unique design and exquisite elegance. The modern, fashion-forward woman will love its seamless blend of classic and contemporary components.

Uncompromising Detail

A precise heart beats beneath the beautiful exterior. The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick’s precise movement keeps you on time no matter what.

Every Second Matters

The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick understands the value of time in a fast-paced environment. Its accurate timekeeping lets you seize every moment gracefully.

Wonder of Water Resistance

A water-resistant timepiece for your adventurous lifestyle adds ease and reliability. Swimming, showering, or raining, your Maverick watch stays on.

Be Flexible

The Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick easily transitions between casual and formal events. It can be worn with any outfit because to its adaptability.


Finally, the Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick Made in Switzerland combines elegance, precision, and durability. Enjoy Swiss craftsmanship and make a statement with this stunning timepiece. A classic gift or cherished addition to your collection, the Maverick watch will never disappoint. Choose Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Maverick for flair and precision.

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Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Victorinox
Model number 241799
Part Number 241799
Item Shape Round
Dial window material type Sapphire Crystal
Display Type Analog
Clasp Fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Case material Stainless Steel
Case diameter 34 millimeters
Case Thickness 10 millimeters
Band Material Stainless Steel
Band size Womens Standard

5) Timex Women’s Ironman TransitBest Watches For Nurses

Check Price

Look no further! The Timex Women’s Ironman Transit fixes it. A 24-hour countdown timer, sleek grey digital display, adjustable alarm settings, and a 100-hour chronograph with 10-lap memory all on this watch. High-quality plastic and an adjustable strap for wrists up to 7.5 inches make it.

Unveil Features

The 24-Hour Countdown Timer helps you manage your time and stay on track. This watch helps you track workouts and appointments.

Grey Digital Display

The watch’s grey display raises your wrist. Even during busy times, its outstanding sight enables you check time.

Adjust your watch’s alarm to your liking. Personalised alarms ensure you never miss an important meeting or function.

The 100-hour chronograph with 10-lap memory tracks performance. Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want accurate progress measurements.

Functionality and Style

The Timex Women’s Ironman Transit watch is elegant and useful. The Indiglo light-up watch dial reads time effectively in low light, making it suitable for late nights and early mornings.

Designed to Last

Worried about watch water damage? Fear no more! The water-resistant Timex Women’s Ironman Transit can be worn in the shower or when swimming.

Precision and Reliability

Quartz movement keeps this watch accurate. Daily work and time-sensitive events are safe with it.

A Daily Timepiece

The Timex Women’s Ironman Transit is dressy and easygoing. Athletic wear and evening outfits look elegant with the sleek, sophisticated style.


Finally, the Timex Women’s Ironman Transit Chronograph Watch is perfect for modern women who want style, durability, and usefulness. The watch’s flawless features, water-resistant build, and accurate timekeeping make it reliable in any situation. Never be late or out of style with this stunning watch!

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Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Timex
Model number TW5M351009J
Part Number TW5M351009J
Item Shape Square
Dial window material type Acrylic
Display Type Digital
Clasp Buckle
Case material Resin
Case diameter 33 millimeters

Buying Guide: Best Watches For Nurses 2023

What Are Watches For Nurses?


Nurses are one of the most important members of the medical team, as they spend more time with patients than any other member. This makes it important for them to be able to keep track of their schedules and appointments. Many nurses prefer using wristwatches that can easily be seen and read on their wrists instead of using mobile devices or small clocks.

Watches for nurses have been designed keeping in mind the needs of this profession. These watches can be used for both timekeeping and keeping track of the number of hours worked, as well as for monitoring vital signs using specialized functions. Most models are made to be lightweight and durable, with features such as anti-magnetic protection that help them last longer.

Who Needs Watches For Nurses?


it is needed by the nurses so that they can be more accurate in taking the vital signs of the patients. It is also needed by them so that they will be able to determine the correct time to give medicines or treatments to their patients.

As a nurse, you are constantly on the go. You need to be aware of certain time-sensitive situations. During an emergency, every second counts. A nurse’s watch is designed to help keep you on track throughout your day and optimize your response times in critical situations.

Why Should You Buy Watches For Nurses?

In the modern world, humans have become more dependent on technology as it plays a major role in their daily lives. However, this is not the case for nurses. Their main goal is to help others and make sure that they are well taken care of by taking extra measures to prevent any harm from happening to them which determines the quality of products they use. This includes watching to ensure that they have the right time while helping others and making sure that they are on a proper schedule of taking care of their patients.

How Are Watches For Nurses Made?

Watches for nurses are made to be both functional and stylish. They need to be able to keep track of time, but also look good while doing it. There are a few different ways that watch for nurses are made.

One way that watches for nurses are made is by using a quartz movement. This type of movement is very accurate and keeps time very well. It is also very durable, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This type of movement is often used in watches for nurses because they need to be able to keep track of time accurately while they are working.

Another way that watches for nurses are made is by using an automatic movement. This type of movement relies on the motion of the wearer to wind itself. If you are moving around a lot during your shift, then an automatic watch might be right for you. This type of movement is also very accurate, so it will keep time well while you are working.

A third way that watches for nurses are made is by using a manual movement. This type of movement is also very accurate and reliable. It can be wound by hand, so you will not have to worry about needing a battery to keep it running. Manual watches are great for nurses who are on the go during their shift and do not always have time to charge their watch or wind it up manually.

Overall, watches for nurses are made to be both functional and stylish. They come in a variety of different styles, so you can find one that fits your personality and needs. Whether you need an accurate watch to keep track of time or a stylish watch to show off to your patients, you can find it.

Various Types Of Watches For Nurses

A nurse has one of the most demanding and important roles in a hospital, and they need to be able to quickly assess their patients’ needs and react accordingly. But many nurses find themselves bogged down by too much information, not enough time, or difficulty navigating their patients’ care. These issues create a stressful working environment for these already overworked professionals.

Nurses need quick and easy access to information so they can make the best decisions for their patients. However, many of them are still using pagers, which can be slow and cumbersome. Smartwatches offer a much more efficient way for nurses to stay connected and informed.

There are many different types of watches for nurses out there, and each offers different features to suit the unique needs of nurses. Some are great for staying on top of schedules, while others are ideal for quickly reviewing patients’ information. Some even have built-in sensors that can alert you immediately when changes occur in a patient’s condition.

Traditional Watches

These are the most common type of watches for nurses, and they offer basic features like timekeeping and date display. However, many traditional watches also include additional features that can be useful for nurses, such as alarms, stopwatches, and timers.

Smart Watches

As technology has advanced, smartwatches have become increasingly popular and are a great choice for nurses who want access to more information. These watches often include apps that provide real-time data on patient conditions or schedules, and they can also be used to make calls or send messages.

Fitness Watches

Fitness watches are designed primarily for tracking health and activity, and they can be a great choice for nurses who want to make sure they are staying active during their shifts. These watches can measure heart rate, steps taken, and more, and some even include apps that can help you find healthy recipes or stay motivated with fitness challenges.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are also becoming more popular, and they offer many of the same features as smartwatches. However, they are often designed to be worn around the neck or clipped to a piece of clothing, which can be more convenient for nurses who need to keep their hands free.

GPS Watches

GPS watches are ideal for nurses who work in large hospitals or who are frequently on the go. These watches can provide turn-by-turn directions, help you find nearby facilities, and even track your progress as you walk or run between patients.

No matter what type of watch you choose, it’s important to pick one that is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Difference Between Watches For Nurses From Others

The watch for nurses is a type of wristwatch that can help them in doing their job better. It helps the nurses to keep track of time as well as other important aspects like pulse rate, blood pressure, and drug intake by the patients through which they can take timely actions accordingly. These watches are usually expensive and thus, not affordable to everyone. So, it is better to know the difference between watches for nurses and others before purchasing one.

The main differences between watches for nurses and others are:

  1. Watches for nurses come with special features that help them in their job like a stopwatch, alarm, backlight, etc. which are not present in other watches.
  2. Watches for nurses are mostly water-resistant as they have to work in different environments like hospitals, clinics, etc. On the other hand, other watches are not water-resistant.
  3. Watches for nurses are more durable as they have to withstand the daily wear and tear. Other watches are not that durable.
  4. Watches for nurses are more precise in timekeeping as they need to adjust their time according to the time set by the hospital. Other watches cannot be adjusted accordingly, hence being not reliable at times.

Hence, these were some of the important differences between watches for nurses and others that anyone should know before purchasing a watch.

Considerations Before Buying A Watches For Nurses

There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a watch for nurses. They must be durable, easy to read, and comfortable on the wrist. They should also be stylish and affordable. Other important factors to consider include the type of movement, whether it is analog or digital, and the materials used.

The factors to be considered before purchasing a watch for nurses are:


The watch should be durable enough to withstand the rigors of a busy nursing shift. It should be made of high-quality materials and have solid construction.

Easy to read

The watch must be easy to read, even in low light conditions. The dial should be large and clear, and the hands should be easy to see.


The watch should be comfortable to wear, even during long shifts. It should be lightweight and have a comfortable band.


The watch should be stylish and complement the nurse’s uniform. It should be available in a variety of colors and styles.


The watch should be affordable, especially for nurses who are on a tight budget. It should be available at a variety of price points.

Analog or digital

The watch can be either analog or digital. Nurses should choose the type that is best for their needs.


The watch should be made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, titanium, or plastic. It should also be water-resistant to avoid moisture damage.

When choosing a watch for nurses, it is important to consider all of these factors to ensure that it will meet their needs and provide the best possible performance on the job.

Benefits Of Watches For Nurses

There are several benefits that watches can offer nurses. First and foremost, watches can help nurses keep track of time. This is critical in any field, but it is especially important in healthcare. With so many patients to see and tasks to complete, nurses need to be able to keep track of time to provide the best possible care.

Watches can also help nurses stay organized. By keeping track of time, nurses can better plan their day and make sure that they can complete all of their tasks promptly. This can help to reduce stress levels and improve patient care.

In addition, watches can also be used to monitor vital signs. This information can be critical in the event of an emergency. By being able to quickly and easily check a patient’s pulse, blood pressure, or respiratory rate, nurses can provide more timely and effective care.

Finally, watches can also be used as a communication tool. Many watches now come equipped with features such as call buttons and text messaging. This allows nurses to communicate with doctors and other members of the healthcare team quickly and easily, which can help improve patient outcomes.

How To Clean Watches For Nurses?

There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning your watch. First, avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives as they can damage the finish on your watch. Second, use only a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Finally, be sure to rinse your watch thoroughly with clean water after each cleaning to remove any residual cleaning solutions.

To clean the body of your watch, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. You can use a gentle soap and water solution to remove more stubborn dirt and grime. To avoid damaging your watch’s finish, prevent using harsh chemicals or abrasives. Rinse the watch thoroughly with clean water after each cleaning to remove any residual soap or cleaning solutions.

To clean the crystal, use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, as they can damage the crystal. Rinse the watch thoroughly with clean water after each cleaning to remove any residual cleaning solutions.

For more difficult stains, you can soak the watch in a solution of warm water and mild soap or detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, as they can damage the finish on your watch. Rinse the watch thoroughly with clean water after each cleaning to remove any residual cleaning solutions.

If you have an automatic watch, you will need to wind it manually several times per week to keep it running properly. To wind an automatic watch, simply turn the crown clockwise until you feel resistance. Do not overwind the watch, as this can damage the mechanisms inside.

How To Maintain Watches For Nurses?

Watches for nurses are an important part of their uniform. Unlike other watches, these watches must be able to withstand constant use and abuse. Here are some tips on how to maintain your watch so that it will last longer and continue to look good:

  • Use only mild soap and water when cleaning the watch. Avoid using harsh chemicals as these may damage the watch’s casing and straps.
  • Before cleaning your watch, make sure that it is not attached to any other accessory such as a bracelet or a chain. This is to prevent any water from getting inside the links of the accessories.
  • When cleaning the watch, use soft cloths or cotton swabs to remove any residue. Avoid using rough cloths as these may scratch the watch’s surface.
  • When not in use, make sure to keep your watch in its original packaging or a watch box. This will prevent it from getting scratched and damaged by other items in your jewelry drawer.
  • If you notice that your watch is no longer working properly, take it to a professional watch repairman. Do not attempt to fix it yourself as you may end up doing more harm than good.
  • Regularly inspect your watch for any signs of damage, such as loose straps or parts. If you notice anything that may compromise the quality and safety of your watch, have it repaired immediately by a professional watch repairman.

Follow these tips on how to maintain watches for nurses and you can be sure that your precious timepiece will last for many years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions 

When Should You Buy Watches For Nurses?

You should buy watches for nurses when you are a nurse or when you know there is certainly somebody who wants to become one also you may be wondering when the best time to buy a watch for nurses is. The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including your personal preference, your budget, and the type of watch you are looking for.


Are Watches For Nurses Expensive?

No, watches for nurses are not expensive. Many brands offer affordable options that are perfect for medical professionals on a budget. 

Do Watches For Nurses Need To Be Waterproof?

Watches for nurses need to be waterproof to withstand long shifts and exposure to various elements. Waterproof watches are also easier to clean, which is important for maintaining hygiene in the workplace. In most cases, waterproof watches for nurses should be able to withstand brief water exposure and submersion.

How Do Watches For Nurses Keep Time?

There are a few different ways that watch for nurses to keep time. Many of the most popular nurse watches feature digital displays with quartz movements, while others have analog displays with automatic wind movement.


Watches for nurses are made to make their work easier and faster. All the new functions and features in the watches were developed through a process of innovation that was led by marketing research, technology development, and user feedback.

Overall, These watches are designed with features like GPS tracking, sensors for vital signs monitoring, and automated medication reminders, making them ideal for healthcare professionals. They can help nurses save time and improve efficiency by allowing them to quickly access important information and data, while also providing a convenient way to monitor patient health. Additionally, these watches are often customizable, meaning that they can be easily adapted based on the specific needs of each nurse.


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